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I’m Digital Lady Syd aka Syd Johnson.  I love taking pictures and processing them in Photoshop.  I also do a bit of Painter in my work when I have the time. I now have two blogs:  my Tidbits Blog which covers anything I feel like sharing in the Photoshop/Photography field; and a Fun Photoshop Blog, which has developed into instruction and resource based information. My main aim is to show everyone how flexible and fun Photoshop can be. I have been featured in newsletters by filter makers Topaz and Nik Software. Some of my Bahama images were published in the Fall 2012 edition of Marinalife magazine.

I began photography in earnest when my husband gave me a Pentax K1000 film camera in the 1980’s. I did not have a lot of time to learn it, but I totally enjoyed taking pictures on our vacations and of the kids as they grew up. I was introduced to Digital Photography in 1998 when I worked for an engineering firm that used project images for reports and marketing. We used a Sony Camera that saved images down onto a 3 1/2 disk but it was enough to get me hooked. I first learned Adobe Photo Deluxe which taught me the basics and then began using Photoshop at version 5.0. It has been fun to see how the program has changed and expanded over the years and how digital photography has grown. I now have the luxury of being able to take lots of pictures and work on my images.

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Here I am with my husband, Glenn, on our sailboat.

Photography takes up a good portion of my time now. I also love to dabble in Astronomy, which I have always loved since I was 12 years old, and Sailing, which is a fairly new past time for me.

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  1. Billy Grimes

    Beautiful work… Outstanding!
    Are you paintings for sale and if so, what is the buying procedure?
    Many thanks.

    07/18/2016 at 9:13 pm

    • admin

      Thanks for the nice comment about my work! At this point I do not have my work up for sale. If you are interested in my art, you can right me an E-mail at

      07/24/2016 at 7:59 pm

  2. Hi Syd – “Hope You Are Keeping OK”

    As usual your work is outstanding.

    Just asking a little advice/help.

    Firstly I left you a message last night, and I just realised it was left in wrong place, as against a comment on one of your images.

    Here is what I need advice with.
    I went to a 1940s WARTIME WEEKEND,

    It was fantastic, everyone dressed up in their best 1940’s clothes, and in WW1 Military Uniforms.
    I am looking for ideas on presentation/editing these images, to give them a “Old Hollywood Vintage/Retro Look” (Possibly Colour).

    If you have any Ideas/Presets/Actions or just good old advice, it will be appreciated.
    I Am Using Topaz Labs (Complete Software) – NIK (Complete Software)
    Lightroom/Adobe Photoshop CC (But Still Scratching The Surface On Learning Adobe)

    From Your Good English Friend
    John Robert McNally
    (John Mac)
    Saturday 19/November – 2016 @ 09:55am GMT.

    11/19/2016 at 9:55 am

    • admin

      Hi John – Good to hear from you! The Wartime Weekend looks like a great place to do some photo shooting! I think if I were post-processing these kind of photos, I would definitely try out Topaz Texture Effects 2 – they have some great presets and all the sections can be changed and new ones added. I am finding I really like this plug-in a lot. Just create a preset once you find an effect you like. I think textures can really add to that vintage feel, especially using light colored ones where a layer mask can be added and parts of the effect painted out in it. A sepia tone can add a nice vintage feel and try out some split toning could be really nice with maybe a dark blue in the shadows and a little warmth in the highlights – experiment in Lightroom with this. Lightroom also has some pretty cool presets that can be adjusted easily to fit your image. I really like some of the effects in Nik’s Analog Efex Pro2 – there are some really vintage looks there. Check out Topaz Adjust and Black and White Effects (let the Transparency come through) and see if something looks good there too. These images sound like it would be a lot of fun to try a lot of different things on. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your Flickr feed!…..Digital Lady Syd

      11/22/2016 at 6:42 pm

      • Hi Syd: – Cheers For Your Input – I have started some off on Topaz Restyle Portraits (Old Hollywood) Then Topaz Texture Effects (Big) – I am getting something out of these, possibly what is in my minds eye of Old/Vintage Hollywood Style – After finishing my first batch, I will try to look for a good creation using information & advice you have given me.

        Just got back fro a great weekend in London, went to see a show Motown The Musical, and went to the event at Trafalgar Square on 11/November “Silence In The Square” (Very Mooving) – Off To Berlin On 02/December for weekend, Then South Africa on 06/Feb – 2016.
        So plenty of new opportunities for photography.

        Your UK Friend
        John Robert McNally
        AKA – John Mac.

        11/23/2016 at 11:49 am

        • admin

          Look forward to seeing your pix! Your future trips sound wonderful!

          11/24/2016 at 1:25 am

  3. Love your digital art! I’ve been dabbling with another app (Procreate) on my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, but based on what you’re showing us, I have a lot to learn.

    Love it and looking forward to following along.

    02/08/2017 at 10:40 pm

    • admin

      Thanks Gabe – appreciate the kind comments. I mainly used Photoshop, but there are so many pretty decent apps out there that are giving Adobe a run for their money!

      02/09/2017 at 2:17 pm

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