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Fall in Florida

Image of the beautiful fall trees in Florida
This is a quick Android (yep – not an iPhone person) image taken from a tee box at one of our local golf courses. (For people who know – I-95 is hidden right behind the treeline.) Could not resist the slight feel of Fall that is almost over – not quite like Virginia when the trees are in their glory, but not bad on a wonderful sunny day! I have been so busy that I have not had time to look at the new OnOne Suite 9 (see sidebar for website link) and in particular my favorite module, Perfect Effects 9. This image was first processed in Lightroom using Seim’s (see sidebar for website link) Power Workflow 4 presets Magic Harsh Sun Fixer (definitely one of my top ten presets) and Controlled Contrast and Dave Delnea Backlit Vertical Left preset (I love his presets). The image looked pretty fabulous already! Then I added in OnOne’s Perfect Effects 9 plug-in and got this beautiful final result. Here are the settings used to get this final image: 1. Applied the Light Leaks & Lens Flares category Leaky Sun filter. 2. Changed the Lens Flare Layer opacity to 22%. Changed the Texturizer settings to: Opacity 76%, Saturation -49, and Brightness 16. 3. Added Filter Adjustment Brush and selected Glow Brush – painted in black mask white in the areas I wanted softened – that is the red and gold trees, midground areas and very foreground area. 4. Added from Filters section Borders the Russell border – set opacity to 45%. I have to say that OnOne has done it again – this is a pretty nice effect!…..Digital Lady Syd